March 30, 2019

The NE RSC has released a Northeast Wildfire Preparedness Resource Guide

The NE RSC has released a
Northeast Wildfire Preparedness Resource Guide

March 5, 2019

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is May 4, 2019. Having seen how wildfires can affect homes and communities in California, Tennessee and other parts of the country in recent years, many communities, organizations, groups, and individuals are thinking about how to get started with planning and projects that can help reduce the wildfire risk they may face, especially in times of drought that can occur, even for a few weeks, in the spring and fall in the Northeast.

Wildfires DO happen in the Northeast. Wildfires occur wherever there are adequate burning conditions and a source of ignition.  This is especially true wherever there are people, since 95% of all wildfires are caused by human activity.  The Northeast region experiences on average, over 11,000 wildfires per year burning an average of about 130,000 acres.

The many partners of the Northeast Regional Strategy Committee (NE RSC), as part of the national Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy, have created a new wildfire preparedness resource guide to help everyone in the 20 States of the Northeast and Midwest U.S. get started.

Dave Celino, Massachusetts Chief Fire Warden and Chair of the NE RSC has stated: “This guide has been developed in order to help property owners become informed as to how to take an active role in protecting their lives and property from wildfires, well before a wildfire occurs.  This guide contains the best wildfire preparedness information available for residents, community leaders, and fire departments in the Northeast.  The many partners of the NE RSC want to help make sure your home and community is protected should a wildfire occur near you some day”.

View the complete guide at: 
Northeast Wildfire Preparedness Resource Guide

For further information, contact Larry Mastic, NE RSC Coordinator:

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