September 7, 2016

Northeast Region LANDFIRE Coordinator – Outreach Notice

The original LANDFIRE models and mapping products, produced a decade ago, are being systematically updated.  Responding to this opportunity, and to calls for data improvements among the Northeast Regional Strategy Committee in developing the National Cohesive Strategy NE Regional Action Plan, we are seeking a coordinator to help integrate local knowledge and spatial data into the mapping process for a 20 state Northeast Region (USFS Region 9). The coordinator’s primary responsibilities will be outreach and communications (70%) and data management and organization (30%). This position is based within the Wisconsin (WI) Department of Natural Resources in Madison, WI and funded via a three-year grant awarded to the Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact. The coordinator will work closely with various project partners, and a steering committee, the Northeast Regional Strategy Committee (NE RSC), representing the 20 Northeastern states. This position will require extensive collaboration across a large geographic area and offers exceptional network building and professional growth opportunities. Competitive salary will be commensurate with experience.
  • Coordinate with the Joint Fire Science Program’s Fire Science Exchange Consortia corresponding to the Northeast Region to identify and engage fire ecologists for local knowledge input.
  • Coordinate with federal, state, and local agencies, private conservation groups, and educational institutions to acquire, develop, and share GIS data and expertise relevant to the use and improvement of LANDFIRE in the Northeast Region.
  • Work with LANDFIRE users to determine and document data collection standards, data storage strategies, and data distribution methods. 
  • Maintain a broad awareness of the Northeast Region’s LANDFIRE users’, and the GIS industry’s standards, policies, initiatives, and activities related to geospatial data administration.
Interested individuals should contact Jed Meunier (Research Ecologist with the WI DNR) with questions.

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